Meet Decision Makers From

  • Automotive OEMs - Electric, Autonomous and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers in EV
  • Electrified Powertrain Systems and Component Suppliers
  • Thermal Systems and Related Component Manufacturers
  • High Voltage Systems and Power Semiconductor Suppliers
  • Testing and Crash Safety Engineering Services
 Lightweight Material Suppliers
  • EV CAE Software and Modeling Suppliers
  • Battery and Fuel Cell Manufacturers
  • Battery Management Systems Suppliers
  Components, Switchers, Controllers and Inverter Suppliers
  • Charging Infrastructure
  • Benchmarking Engineering Services Providers
  • National Laboratories and Government Technology Offices
With Following Job Titles:
  • CEO / Vice President / General Manager from EV OEMs

  • Chief Engineer - Battery Electric & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
  • Chief Engineer, Electrified Propulsion Systems

  • Chief Engineer, Electrical Systems

  • Head, EV Engineering Systems
  • Head of Vehicle Electrification Technology
  • Head of Hybrid and EV Battery Systems

  • Chief Scientist, Energy and Systems
Head of Vehicle Architecture
  • Head of Systems and Control Engineering
  • Electrification Project Engineer
  • Head of Research, Materials and Manufacturing
  •  Group Product Director Hybrid and Electric Systems
  • Lead Engineer, Electrical Systems Engineering

  • Lead Engineer, Electrified Powertrains

  • Head of Body Structures / Body in White
  • Battery Electric Vehicle Global Lead Engineer
  • Global Battery Systems Engineering
  • Battery Research Engineer
    Technical Manager - Innovation Management
  • Innovation & Technology Development Manager
  • Chief Engineer & Technical Leader - Energy Storage & Systems

Sponsor or Exhibit

For technology companies and solution providers, participating in this Virtual Event will deliver value on a number of levels:

Premium Content - 15 Automotive OEM Case Studies Being Presented Online Over 2 Days - Previous virtual event participants have told us that listening to our industry speakers has provided valuable insights into the activities and focus of OEMS, helping them understand future product requirements, potential challenges, and new opportunities. You can watch all presentations live in real time, and pose questions to our speakers, plus access the recorded video sessions and presentation materials once the event is finished for your future reference.  

Building Connections - The Virtual event serves to bring the battery electric vehicle and automotive lightweight materials community together at one time, in one place, to listen to engaging content and share ideas on future solutions and technologies. You can see which participants are online at any one time,  instant message other participants or speakers and participate in pre-organised video chats with speakers or other participants on topics of high interest.        

Showcasing Your Solutions - We have designed a Virtual Exhibit space for companies to feature their latest technologies in the battery electric vehicle and automotive lightweight materials space. A low cost and highly effective way of highlighting your products and services to the audience and includes your company branding, Chat function for taking enquiries and options to feature your corporate or product specific videos. Full analytics available post-event on visitors to your exhibit area. 

Lead Generation Tool - Sponsors and exhibitors can benefit from additional lead generation support post-event - helping your marketing and sales team identify future prospects.  

Presentation Opportunities - Sponsors can deliver a case study or technical presentation to the audience during the course of the 2 days giving them immediate exposure to our senior level attendees and connecting you personally with our speaker panel.

Audience Quality - Only senior level engineers with a high interest in the topic of this niche conference will be present, and unlike a free webinar, the engagement rate is much higher. No need to waste time - your participation will immediately connect you to the right people in the industry.

A tailored sponsorship package at Battery Electric Vehicle Architectures & Advanced Lightweight Materials will provide a direct, cost-effective path to help you get your message out to existing or new target clients.


To discuss sponsorship opportunities in more detail, please contact:


+44 (0) 800 098 8489



See OEM Case Studies And Technical Presentations On:

Build EV Supply Chain & Improve EV Competitiveness: Understand Challenges OEMs Are Facing When Developing The Next Generation Of EVs And Investigate Opportunities With Providing Targeted Solutions

Safety Regulations & Crashworthiness For EVs: Understand Safety Regulations Specific To EVs And Explore The Best Practices And Solutions To Help Meet Safety & Crashworthiness Requirements

Whole Vehicle Design Concepts And Technical Breakthroughs: Hear About The Latest Ideas And Techniques For Protecting The Battery And Delivering Safety At Higher Standards

Optimal Architecture & Battery Placement For EVs:

  • Compare The Pros And Cons Of Different Battery Integration Solutions Including:
  • Inside The Battery Pack, Cells & Modules
  • Outside The Battery Case Including Power Electronics Components
  • High Voltage Electric Systems
  • Low Voltage Electronics Systems
  • Drivetrain Including Motor And Transmission

Balancing Trade-Offs In EV Systems: Hear How To Balance The Trade-offs Between Range, Cost, Weight And Customer Needs

Strategies For Battery System Integration Into Body In White: Hear About Integration Strategies For Both New Build And Adapting Conventional Vehicle Platforms 

Thermal Performance Optimisation And System Integration: Explore Advanced Solutions To Optimise Thermal Performance Of EV Systems


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